5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a New Updated Website


  1. Older websites are not optimized for mobile devices.  96% of Americans now have a mobile phone. 

  2. Google keeps changing their algorithm and how your website is ranked. 

  3. You will have 100% creative control of your website to present your brand image exactly you want it to appear.

  4. You need to tell your story and it changes quite often.  For instance, maybe you updated your menu selections or what types of food you offer.  People are always searching the internet for trendy new food choices. 

  5. I have a great website solution for your brand.  Contact me at 203-545-2885.   


Your website tells the world that your restaurant is open for business.  Customers want to know what’s on your menu and how they can buy from you.  Tell your customers that you offer delivery, catering and event hosting.  They won’t know this information if you don’t put it on your updated website.  Additionally, you need a call to action on the top of your website such as a “Call Us” or “Place Your Online Order Here” button. 

Often times, a business has a website built and maintained by another company.  All this third-party company really cares about is that you pay the bill every month.  With me at your side we can work together to get back your URL domain and website ownership.  I will take care of everything, including contacting all parties involved.    

I will also work directly with you to assess your needs and discuss how we can build a budget friendly website.  There are several templates I can use to build your custom website, simply choose the one you like best. 

Contact me today for a free estimate.   

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