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“I really enjoyed working with William for our grand openings, he is very professional, creative and furthermore he always shows flexibility, adaptability to the conditions, he is very kind but also very discreet when doing his job. I have been working with him 3 times already and will again! Thank you William!”

Clemence Danko

As our social media coordinator, William has been working with us since La Unica’s inception. We have gained significant traffic on our social media platforms due to William’s creativity and understanding of these tools. His strong work ethic and positive attitude make William an ideal team member and we are blessed to have William here at La Unica. Thank you, William and I am looking forward to continuing working with you to build our La Unica brand! Much to expect!


Eric Yao

Partner and co-owner

La Unica Bakery

Dear William, 


Thank you for the excellent photos you took for us recently. The images are both polished and crisp.  In addition to using them on our Social Media apps, we put them right away into our menu design prints. Your shots of our products are visually mouthwatering! 


Thanks again for such a quick and awesome shoot!


Lorenzo DeMarchi

Pampita Meat Shop

Dear William,

   Congratulations for the photos you took Yesterday during the official opening of Pampita Meat Shop with the authorities and friends. Most of all, thank you for stopping by today and assisting us with the download of the files!
Looking forward to continuing using your services in the near future.

Kindest regards,

Claudia & Pablo

Co- founders
Pampita Meat Shop


Coach House Diner


What can I say about William?  He is really talented and and an absolute joy to work with.  He essentially rebranded out diner restaurant back in 2015.  He revamped our website and  created social media campaigns to help promote the Holiday dessert sales.  As a result, that Christmas we sold more cheesecake than any other year since the company was founded way back in1939! 


To help drive sales up, William also focused on the Liquor selections and applied his terrific digital meda skills.  Any photos or videos on the website now look very professional.  When we wanted to advertise on large street billboards he organized the project and of course took the photographs.  We have done three billboard ads thus far and each one really hit the mark. 


Simply put, William has helped our business progress to a digital world from an analog world. 



Amy Pappas


Gino’s Pizzeria


Not that there is anything wrong with "old school", but we knew the Pizzeria needed to move into a digital age.  William's ideas and creative input was invaluable.  Before long, we had a new website and Social Media channels.  Pretty cool stuff. 


He did a photo shoot for a  new menu layout and the cover shot was a great picture.  With William taking the pictures of our delicious food we can tell our patrons that they get the exact dish as seen on the menu. This helps to drive up customer expectations so we know customers will come back time and time again. 


Next up, my brother and I plan on having  William  shoot all of the promotional material for our new bar section.  We are more than pleased with his efforts, professionalism and of course his great photos!   


Andrew & Frank Saputo



William is a friendly food photographer who truly understands food. He is easy to work with and very accommodating. His pictures show the edible qualities and attractiveness of food. He brings out the light and vibrant colors of even the dullest and brownest gluten free cookie! I like the way he stages objects purposely in a way that makes sense. I love working with him and would recommend him to other vendors