About William 

About William 


■  Food/Beverage Photography

■  Videos

■  Podcasting 

■  Website Design

■  Marketing & Branding

■  Social Media


I am a Freelance Food Photographer and Business Consultant.  Specifically I work with Food and Beverage entrepreneurs and restaurants in the greater NYC/NJ area.


Whether you have been in business for ten years or ten months I would love to work with you.  In addition to bringing your menu selections to life through vivid photography I can also design or upgrade your website.  We'll make sure your website helps grow the business. 


Video and Podcasts can be a great way to share your story.  These days we all live in a world with short attention spans.  An Instagram or Facebook video is a terrific way to get your marketing message out.  Similarly, more people listen to podcasts than ever before and it’s a simple but effective way to keep your brand in front of your customers.  I now offer both video and podcast production for all my clients. 


Working together we can also create an effective Social Media campaign to market your brand and increase sales.  We can  tell your story in a way that connects with your customers further driving the sales process.  I can also check that your Branding and Marketing efforts are on point.   


As a small business owner your time is a valuable resource.  Concentrate on running your business.  That’s what you do best.  As an experienced expert, I can take care of all your Social Media and Marketing strategies.  All this with one goal in mind: Your Success.


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Photography samples.  Fair warning, they will make your mouth water!


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Have enough room for dessert? 


William F Spencer Chocolate Cake

Good.  From my perspective food is more than simply nutrition, it often evokes feelings and emotions.  Certain foods tastefully shot through my lens are images that can trigger childhood memories of sharing special moments over a dinner or holiday. 

My first memory of baking was with my Nana Hellen at our family farm in Massachusetts.  Every Summer my family would go for one week to vacation at the farm.  Good times.  My Nana would bake her famous apple pie from scratch.  This is one of my favorite memories of growing up as a child.  Several decades later I still recall how delicious the apple pie tasted.  Wow!


Essentially what I do, through creative photography, is emotionally connect your unique food selections to your marketplace.  Along with great food and great service, my services can help your business attract and retain more customers. 

Another cup of coffee?


So, I was a corporate (Sikorsky Aircraft) chef at a Fortune 100 company for 9 years.  After ditching my apron, I worked for one of the first Online based food service companies in the country in 1999.  Here I learned a whole new set of people skills and I really loved helping folks get set up with the new service. 


Years later I started my Creative Food Branding Agency because I love working with chefs and restaurant  owners.  I knew I had the creative skills to showcase their food in photographs.  With a camera in my hands, I'm an artist.  Every restaurant has a great story to share and through my lens I assist in that process. 


I also attended the New York Film Academy in 2013. 


~  William.